Supply air filter,HEPA air filter,ULPA air filter

Our company can produce and supply all kinds of air filters, such as: Primary, middle and high efficiency air filters, non-clapboard combined-filters, mini-pleat filter etc, details as follows:

I, Primary efficiency filter:

  1, Primary efficiency plate filter

  2, Primary efficiency bag filter

  3, Primary efficiency plastic frame plat filter.

II. Middle efficiency filter:

  1, V type filter

  2, Green plastic frame W type filter

  3, F5 middle efficiency bag filter

  4, F6 middle efficiency bag filter

  5, Mini-pleated filter

  6, F7 high/middle efficiency bag filter

  7, F8 high/middle efficiency bag filter

III. High efficiency filter(HEPA filter):

   1, Clapboard high temperature air filter

   2, Clapboard air filter

   3, High efficiency air filter(HEPA filter)

   4, Large wind volume high efficiency air filter

   5, ULPA filter

IV. Air filter accessories:

  1, KJ frame unit

  2, Filter material

  3, Diffuser 

V, Air cartridge

   1, Pulse pleated long air cartridge

   2, Film coated polyester(PE) air cartridge

   3, Polyester(PE) fiber air cartridge

   4, Wood pulp cellulose air cartridge

Our products can be widely used in industries of auto manufacturing, bio-pharmaceutical, microelectronics, food manufacturing, textiles and other air purifying places.


Would you have requirement for any type, please feel free to contact with us!


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