Ship Supplier of Marine Equipment

Top Far International Trading Co.,Ltd, is specialized in supplying kinds of marine equipment for shipbuilding, ship repairing for shipyards,shipower,shipping companies,ship chandler and ocean enginerring project, and also some other industrial proucts as below:

Our main products include:
1, Marine life-saving and fire-fighting equipment:

    Lifeboat and davit,liferaft,lifejaket and lifebuoy etc.
2, Marine deck machineries:

     Anchor windlass,Mooring Winch, Capstan,Steering gear etc
3, Marine deck mooring fittings:

     Anchor, Anchor chain, Panama chock, Roller fairlead,Bollard,Chain stopper etc.
4, Marine power and propulsion equipment:

     Rudder system,Shaft system, Propeller,Rudder propeller,Bow thruster,Emergecy generator set etc.
5, Marine cabin machinery:

     Marine pump, Ventilation fan,Boiler,Incinerator,Oily water separator, Hydrophone tank, Sewage treatment unit, Galley and laundry equipment etc.
6, Marine outfitting:

    Marine door,window,side scuttle,small hatch cover,manhole cover, accommodation ladder,gangway ladder,wharf ladder, marine sacrifical anode,pipes and fittings etc
6, Rubber product:

     Rubber fender, Pneumatic(Yokohama) fender, rubber packing/rubber seal for hatch cover, air bag for ship grading, rubber air pontoon
7, Boat and yacht hardware:

     Stainless steel anchor, anchor chain,bollard, chock,fairlead, wheel,ladder,shackle,thimble,hook etc.
8, Other industrial product:

     Elevator balance compensating chain, air filter, Panel filter,Bag/Pocket filter, HEPA/ULPA air filter etc.


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